Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our 3rd Caliph...

Assalammualaikum, almost 1year I can't active my blog n just being a silent reader..thinking that I would stop blogging till I come back to Malaysia..but unfortunately the strength come again after I already remember my Id n  password to log in...:-)

Since,I have 3 children to taking care  and my Japanese classes already started...I didn't have a ample time to do some posts..A lot of post in my inbox just pending there...~byk btl alasankan..hehehe
One thing on my mind....I truly respect to people can manage her time between her life n blogging.~sorry byk merepek pulak hehehe..

So,Alhamdulillah we got another mujahidah on January,26....The delivered time are very different from her brother and sister...where her expected on Feb,5....
And now she already 5months.

Name: Wan A'isyah Hani Binti Wan Sharuzi
DOB: 26 January 2012~13days after Mujahid 1year..

Semoga menjadi anak yang solehah ye sayang...;-)

P/s: first time post using phone...