Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wahai kawan2 Geng Blogger, tolong saya! DILEMMA.......

Yeah!Yeah!I'm got it..It almost every second its linger in my head.This is after I did some test(actually test for me) from Kyushu University..Its very hard to say that I have to struggle and recall my 5 years lessons within in 4 days..Alhamdulillah..Allah help me..

This process already happens during my confinement period. what can I say..Alhamdulillah..sgt2..at Last..after 7 to 8 email I sent to my Prof. Masato Wakayama (who is dean of Faculty OF mathematics)..I got OFFER LETTER..Actually, this offer letter already sent by mail first due to my scholarship.

Then,how good org jepun ni..pas sent an email..sent pulak by EMS my offer letter..Thank You Very Much....;) I'm really glad to have that..

Why my so glad? The first thing..Coz all my effort ALhamdulillah..berbaloi2 la..tidur lewat n thanks to my hubby for understanding me so much...;)
Second: My hubby said that's not easy to get an offer letter from Prof. and Uni like that. A lot of his friend sent a lot of email to many Prof. Then, there no email response from that Prof.... SO, he said that you are very lucky ....coz you only sent to this one Prof. The Prof.directly response it...Thanks ALLAH..

Em...actually I got this end of Jan..but no time to post the entry..After, I got this...I have a DILEMMA...Should I further my study or just enough with my degree????...There have many opinion with my aunt and uncle..Some agree some not...I'm become confused..Should I?Can my friend give the opinion too..

Altaf Got a New Friend...

Em..on first week of January, where I'm busy with my school work. Altaf always create some sound which lately..akan menangis..then, when I came she smiling at me. Like she was very happy..Its means she need some attention from me and my husband..Frankly speaking, on January till early Feb my hubby and I were very busy..where my hubby very2 quite busy..what can I say that he no time for us..
Hubby Timetable.....
Morning~going to attachment place till 5pm -(nasib baik dah tak mengajar dah).Evening~meet his students and attend some meeting by JHEPA..and Night~almost have a program with students or meeting with her friends (Felo).This because he still as a college principle eventough he already told that he want to further study.Em..ape nak buat..kene la face it..

Em, thats why I can't do my school work due to  my WAQ always want to play with me at night..Lastly..at the end of Jan.I'm searching some toys for her, so that at least I can do my work in 1 hour while she is playing with her toys..After, browse the internet and searching some information about baby activity..I found that, it may be suitable if I bought a PLAYMAT for her..which that playmat have a toys and colourful. Then, we actually already bought HER PLAYMAT..which is so beatiful..

Before have a PLAYMAT

Baby WAQ with her new friend

Feel bored after 1 1/2 hour playing

She love her friend very much.
Wow! what so emazing...she really love this playmat..until she sleep at this playmat. Credit to Abbi for the playmat. Then, now ummi can continue her works happily.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

recipe cheese cake~request by Hani n da gang.

(Good Luck Honey)
Erm,I'm not the famous chef like chef wan,chef hanieliza n etc..but may be in our family I the only one of the member have a little talent to cook something special like cake, kuih-muih, puding,and etc when have a free time..

So, after married and hv a children, its hard to do like I love to do before..my brother always say like this: "erm, dah lame angah tak buat kek ke ape ke?"dulu angah selalu buat wpun tak suruh.."n now..dah tak de siapa dh tlg buatkan kalo nk mkn." As sympathy of this and request from my sister who semakin berjinak2 ke arah ini.so, I would like to post cheese cake..which become a fovourite cake to my family.

recipe cheese cake
(already modified by angah)lg sedap..huhuhu

 (ni cth angah buat..tak cantik pun..at least delicious)
250g cheese cream philidephia (= with buttercup cume die nipis ckit)
200g plain yougart(angah ambil ayah punya je..cap nestle..huhu)
30g buttercup
*40g gula halus(dont ask ur mom to buy it just blend je gula yg ada)
*20g susu pekat manis(also brand nestle..saje je)-less the gram for not to sweet
*20g honey(ur mom have it)
2bj kuning telur
1bj telur
100ml whipping cream
50ml fresh milk
1/2bj lemon jus
1/2bj kulit lemon
sedikit esen vanila


1. Keluarkan cream cheese, butter and telur at room temp.Heat oven to 180C
2. Base I use only digestive biscuit/oreo n butter blend it smpi hancur..tp ari tua ade cube cookies dr internet(yani). She give one recipe..sedap jugak..u can try it
Ingredient: 70g tepung gandum
                 10g coco powder
                 40g gula halus
                 50g butter/shortening
                 10-20ml fresh milk-adjust kekerasan
1. Masuk semua bhn dlm beg plastik n ramas hingga sume bercampur

2. canaikan biar tebal 5mm.Then, letak kat loyang oven. Jgn lupe buka balik plastik tadi 

3. Kemudian buka beg plastik.Tarik keluar beg plastik bhgn blkg pelahan.then sejukkan sekejap. Then, buat jalur2..

(gambar dari yani@myrecipe.com ) ~thanks yani
4. Bakar dlm oven 12 min dengan suhu 180C.Keluarkan dan sejukkan.Bila dah sejuk patah2kan guna belakang cawan.hancur pun takpe.

balik pada nak buat cheese tue..
3. Letak cream cheese and butter dlm mangkuk dan pukul smpi jadi cream.Then, masuk bhn yg tanda *pukul dlm 1-2min.
4.Masukkan yougart n mix smpi sebati.Then masuk telur kuning,telur semua, whipping cream,fresh milk,jus lemon,kulit lemon,vanilla. Ikut urutan tau..jgn lgkh...
5. Tapis adunan masuk dlm layong yang ada cookies td. Buang kulit lemon yg terlekat pd penapis
6. Bakar kek pada suhu 180C(10min),then turunkan pada 150C(bakar 60min).then biarkan sejuk dlm loyang..jgn test ngan sudu die mmg lmbik..nnt akan jd keras sendiri.
7. Bila dah sejuk,masukkan dlm peti ais.biarkan sehari utk sedap di makan..

To hani n da gang,cb la..angah dh cb..actually kat internet pun ade recipe ni..tp coz u request to..maka angah post it la..cube buat sedap tau..erm...erm...

kalo nk suruh angah buatkan balik umah nnt,...dipersilakan..tp kene sediakan bhn n jg altaf la..huhuhu

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Altaf Development

Now, Altaf is 4 months..but her mom never write any entry about her beloved daugther..So, today...altaf  mom want to write about her beloved daughter..name: Wan Altaf Qaisara
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3~with her aunt and uncle.

Day 4~with her caring hubby
Day 5 ~ Shaving plume day
Day 30~after wake up..make a stretching
Day 32~ become chubby
Day 33 ~ at Tok Wan house

Em..ummi will upload more pic about altaf..for the next time..this all pic were backdated pic...

Students VS Teacher

Today, I went to school for sekolah ganti on chiense new year..so that we can continue our school holiday for one week..

As plan before, our panel of mathematics hv doing Bengkel Matematik special for our SPM and PMR candidates which automatically I hv to involve in this program..This program entering to Second phase...1st phase already done in Karnival Sains And Mathematics last 2 weeks.students are divided in to several group which conducted by 9 fasilitator among their frens..The fasilitator hv been selected based on their marks..and what I can said here..the objective is achieved completely..huhuhu;)We as a teacher as a observer sj..

What I want to write here..it just a story behind the program..about one hour the program hv been started one of my students called me..
Its just a stroy for my students.

1st story.

"cikgu, tolong saya cikgu" one of my fasilitator.(Fasi 1)
"tolong cikgu,sy dh ajar die bnyk kali dh.sy smpi tak tahu cr mcmane lg nk ajar die? cube cikgu ty die soalan ni je"fasi 1.

Then, i'm asked the students that question..surprisely the answer make me feel mad..
the question is 2x X x = ?
the students answer is y...Im very shocked on that..then, i'm asked 1 simple question: -1 X 6 =?
students answer slumber je: 3..
em..i thnik this students was very2 weak..then, i asked his math teacher..the teacher also said that the students even cant read properly..
Still thinking..how i can help this students?what about his future after this? what kind of work that he want to work?
Lastly, i take this opportunity to teach a simple algebraic only..N Alhamdulillah,..he got it..
my Fasi 1 say "sy rs cikgu sy boleh sakit mental ajar die"i jus smile at her..What wikk you do if you at my place?

2nd story

Fasi 2..
She is good fasi..where she focus on hers frens..but after recess she told me.."cikgu, mcmane cikgu boleh sabar dgn anak2 murid cikgu yg cikgu ajar?Saya rasa sy tak boleh sabar la cikgu..terutamanye..bile sy ajar lain die jawab lain.."
then, I told her.."sebg cikgu, sy ken sabar n tak jemu ngajar anak2 murid sy..wpun die terlalu lemah..sy kene kreatifkan kaedah mengajar supaya jk sy mengajar pd pljr yg lemah..die boleh faham kaedah nye" then, i make one analogy to make she understand it..

3rd story..

one of the group member told me.."cikgu, fasi kiteorg menangis cikgu?"
i'm asked "kenape?"I come to her and stand beside her and asked why r u crying?"
"sy rs bersalah cikgu...sy ajar die..tp die ms tak boleh faham ape yg sy ajar..sy dh gune kaedah lain..tp die msh tak faham cikgu.."
"sabar...awk kene sabar..take a rest dulu..then,br smbg..mungkin kwn ae=wk tension tue.."

EM..moral of the story...
every students hv a different attitude and different upbringing..some students were very slow and some are too fast..thats are an obstacles that teachers have to take it..this a nuture to be a teacher..but as a teacher I have to be patient and teach without feel boring..InsyaAllah..its will achieved...!!!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Welcome back to school part 2

Actually..we r now at the second month after 1 month holiday...

em..I'm still busy with my work...hope i can get a stop time..where all this will be stop coz I need to focus on my preparation to japan..

Frankly, until now i cant start the preparation..think so hard if I delay it again..and again..

Time management...absolutely complete its mission!this feb, I cant manage my time..thanks to my hubby..coz now can cooperate each other.On this feb,my target is I can finish all my documentation file and all related to my leave for this coming 3 and half years..Before this, I quiet worried about my further study..but after all the obstacles now I got the offer letter..that letter already recieved on end of this jan from japan via EMS.
CREDIT TO PROF.Masato Wakayama..for that letter..

Em..a lot things to do..I have to list all the things that I have to finish every day.This coming feb..need to prepare monthly test for form 4 and form 5..about my leave to japan..my sponsor, my stuff at this house..and also my motor development of Baby WAQ.

Very hope..this coming feb is much better from jan.