Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Altaf Got a New Friend...

Em..on first week of January, where I'm busy with my school work. Altaf always create some sound which lately..akan menangis..then, when I came she smiling at me. Like she was very happy..Its means she need some attention from me and my husband..Frankly speaking, on January till early Feb my hubby and I were very busy..where my hubby very2 quite busy..what can I say that he no time for us..
Hubby Timetable.....
Morning~going to attachment place till 5pm -(nasib baik dah tak mengajar dah).Evening~meet his students and attend some meeting by JHEPA..and Night~almost have a program with students or meeting with her friends (Felo).This because he still as a college principle eventough he already told that he want to further study.Em..ape nak buat..kene la face it..

Em, thats why I can't do my school work due to  my WAQ always want to play with me at night..Lastly..at the end of Jan.I'm searching some toys for her, so that at least I can do my work in 1 hour while she is playing with her toys..After, browse the internet and searching some information about baby activity..I found that, it may be suitable if I bought a PLAYMAT for her..which that playmat have a toys and colourful. Then, we actually already bought HER PLAYMAT..which is so beatiful..

Before have a PLAYMAT

Baby WAQ with her new friend

Feel bored after 1 1/2 hour playing

She love her friend very much.
Wow! what so emazing...she really love this playmat..until she sleep at this playmat. Credit to Abbi for the playmat. Then, now ummi can continue her works happily.


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