Thursday, December 31, 2009

whrilwind 2009!

For all my frens...this entry is jus to end of the year...em..mostly end of this year..i start to create my own blog..based on my bored due to confinement period after 1st birth and further to school holiday..hopeful u can help me to learn n to become the cantik...cutest..n cuteeesssst blog..with a lot of information on how to do that...

okay...back to the topic...(suke sgt2 menyimpang kalo nk cite tue...pukul kan br tahu tgn nie...huhuh..)for 2009..this is the pretty much an annus horribulus where the downturn in the global eco meant loss of jobs...majority..where my renter also hv to quit from their work.., homes and entire life savings..Echoing this drastic situation in also is hard to find my scholar to further after my byk songeh22...kali 28..hv to be a seniority teacher...about 3 years working experience but its not confirm u can got the scholar...after of all,i decide to apply private scholar..where when i search from JASSO they are a lot of scholar that i can apply....(mmg byk songeh2 kali 28 for MOE)...

Beside, for Malaysia n world..the drastic situation in finance was chaos in enviorment as well..where we have to cope with the big disasters that struck as a result of a globe warming n worldwide pandemic in the form of AH1N1....(yup...kesannye sgguh terasa)...on that period i'm still pregnant..i'm very worried and obssesed about that H1N1..i eat a lot of supplement after heard day after day that many of the death are pregnant women...i eat spirulina...E500 by Elken...beside supplement from the clinic.. until my weight become n become bigger...I alos buy sanitizer where i bring along wherever I go...(its always in my hand bag.). I'm also remind to all my student who is not feeling well dont ever2 close to me...( kejam i have to due to my school hv suppected h1n1.. ). Despite, high hopes for our leaders, not only was widespread disunity but corruption also rear its ugly head...(agree wit this tak?)

Yet being optimist that we mostly are, we firmly believe that things will take a turn for the better in 2010...(very222222222...kali28...hope..)....

Hope this 2010....Being a servant of Allah,hope i more closer to HIM...Islam is a way of my life, as a wife to my loving husband...i hope i can be a good, loyal n  understanding a solehah daughter to my beloved mum n dad n siblings, as a dedicate teacher to my innocent students and as a Malaysians,I hope this peace will be continuosly..

Ulimately, i can be thankful for what i have and lookforward with hope to a brand new day....Happy New Year......

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tiara Beach Resort

Em..its  more the 2 week i hv enough time to type a new entry...thisentry is about my vacation in my home village and wonderful vac in Tiara Beach Resort...Actually,after went to Summerset we straight to the Merlimau where my father home village to attend my anut wedding..Altough we jus arrive at 6.10pm...(the wedding hv been finished...nie dtg nk tlg bsh pinggan).but the meal are still available to eat...(ape lagi dh lapar tahap dinasour la  nie..).Here are the photo..

(credit to along for the pic..)
Then, as promise before..I'm with my dear WAQ will stay at melaka for the whole one week...(yahoo!!!!...bestnye dpt blk kg..).On 17th,we prosiding to Tiara Beach Resort..where our siblings already wait anut already booked 2 apartment to stay for 3 days...This is my first time in Tiara Beach...Can believe it!!i'm very surprise with the big...biggest pool......the design of the resort was very good...the biggest pool located at the centre of the resort..where aroud the pool is the apartment...(best sgt2,....).I'm cooked choclate cake for my sis besday...and ayam berempah...which we eat with nasi lemak...cooked by along...On that day,I could saw my mom was very happy coz she can take her own time to relax her mind and energy..(bestnye ibu bile anak2 dh besar...sekali2 balik...ibu relax je la..kami yg masak...huhuhu).My anut Mak busu cooked pau that she learnt from the bakery, Mak Andak was cooked her favourite dish....(ape lagi...cleo la...huhu) and dont forget keropok lekor Ustaz Mansor.Mak Anjang prepare the rice cooker,induction and stove and some fried food like nugget,hotdog..and etc.....and lastly...Mak Uda..was arrived on the next day..bring along her deep fryer...Em..on the 1st day...there are a lot of food..until i dont hv enough stomach to eat all that...When we arrived,our sibling are going to pool..and there are very enjoy....I think this is such a good gathering between Arwah Tok Jalal family...marvellous one...I'm like it...;)
We all very enjoy in this vac..where..we go swim..urut mengurut..cycling(tp xpergi pun coz hujan melanda), gym, spa, fish spa and etc....

                                                         (my dear WAQ with her cousin aqil)

(makan-makan n apartment)

(the it...)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

1st day at Summersets...


Today is my 1st day at Summersets, Rompin.....(y summerset?coz of my hubby hv a meeting there) instead of attending meeting we can also going holiday(hati yang sedih gak)...and luckily i choose to create my own blog on today after i read some of my frens and others blog(bc dgn nada jeles,sbb jeles gak asyik bc blog org je)....This is juz a simple blog where i want to share some info, about my feeling and also my memories with my family and frenz..

(main entrance of Summerset)

(at the lobby)

(in our room)

Back to the title..em..last night we juz arrived from Gambang to Rompin(Summerset located) where its takes about 2 hours little one(MLO) Alhamdulillah....she was enjoy the journey...huhuhu. Actually,I dont want to go holiday coz of I hv to attend my aunt wedding.....but after a little bit discussion with my hubby..he gave a green light...that I can stay at my village about 1week after dis you so much hubby...Thanks alot...;)

(my little one so excited to stay here)(both of u...what r u talking about)
I'm so excited when we arrived here...It such a good place for family...There are many activites provide by the resort such as riding horse (as i could see some visitor riding it),cycling,of course swimming,kayak,and some indoor games..In the evening, we just going out for sight-seeing with my little one..(em mcm agen pelancongan pulak) . surprisingly,during the little one jus keep quiet and keep observing the envrment on her stroller and become moody when she saw a new frenz...em..dah penat dah la tue..but before dis..while waiting her abbi, she keep saying...ntahla ckp ape pun she so excited to go out from dis room...huhuhu...

(sigthseeing with my dear WAQ)

(my dear WAQ with her fren aimini)

Em....I think...I should stop typing right now coz my WAQ already wake up..