Thursday, June 24, 2010

Life in Japan

Ohayagonzaimas....selamat pagi...good morning to all..erm...its about 2weeks I didnt update this to polish ckit....huhuhu...

erm...since I was in Japan...a lot of the weird2 things...I make it just because I want to eat...n bored with the Japanese rice...huhuhu...what I make?just guess....erm.....gooooooodddddd!!!!!!!u just a good person...yes!!!of course about FFFOOOOOOOODDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!A lot of meal that I alrady cooked at bun,pizza,makaroni bakar,kebab, laksa, laksam(resepi mak mertua),nugget ayam n
etc...a lot jugak la...rsnye,,ms duk phg dulu xdela..rajin mcmnie...huhuhu...

Seem Japan is very difficult for me & my hubby to get a 'HALAL' food in the supermarket...because both
of us didnt understand Japanese Language...instead of...we a new here..n alot of thing..we still learn..we just bought HALAL chicken...meat..a others spices at the Hakozaki International House...where every saturday..they hv a abg BANGLA...yg tlg jualkan...huhuhu..or other bought buy online je..kat baticrom...kalo lbh free....but..normally..we just bought a raw food only at oil,flour,eggs,seafood,fish, vegetables we just buy at supermarket near I have a list that my frens gave me..yg BOLEH n TAK BOLEH beli kat supermarket...Its very important for me...
thanks to kak ti...another source that I can get a Halal Food is...with blog Indonesia punye which stay at Japan..

erm...since we are here about 3month...I can speak just a little bit only...just...lepas la..kalo nk gi supermarket sorg2..time hubby xde kat umah....huhuhu....I only can ask a Question to Japanese about the thing that I search...if I cant find it....but...sometimes....mesti tersasul2 jugak la..keluar la jugak ckp ego(english) tue....coz..pnt nk pk nihon(japanese) die ape....ima(now) I promise to polish btl2 Japanese ni..n..lately..I enjoy going to Nihongo class...(Japanese Class)...Its a good experience if u can talk nihongo to others religious...best2....I'm enjoy it...Since we are live at International House...ima I hv a lot of frens..from others quite close to Korean people..we just going to take a potatoes at a farm..together...n luckily she hv a daughter which same age with my daughter....but...I hv a enough time..lg nk tgkp pic dgn die...sbg bhn bukti.coz..setiap kali keluar..mesti terlupa bawa...byk sgt brg nak bw..kalo ade en hubby bolehla..die tlg kalo seorg2..susah ckitla...but nevermind...I'll take a pic with them..promise !!!!!

Erm..bezanya..duk cn..ngan kat Msia...stayed at Msia...if I want to eat something...I will told to my I going back from work n en hubby going back...we'll go to any kedai-kedai makan yg menjadi tajaan kami...huhuhu...kate en hubby xberbaloi nk masak..coz.mknnye dua org je la...huhuhu...erm..sbnrnye..I really want to cook...but en hubby mesti ckp mcm tue..tue yg selalu gi beli tue...its happen when I was start jugak ms tue...dhla pntkan..huhuhu...

n almost the time we going out...we will go any fast food KFC,MCD,PIZZA,JOHNNY,n etc....due to my hubby xsuke tggu lame2...n he like fast food very much....BUT since we are here...
YEs..alll the KFC,MCD,PIZZA,JOHNNY telah selamat berkubur dgn jayanya...n we always talked about it...
what can I say...tggula..kite balik MSia..kite msk je mn2 kedai kat klia tue....huuhuhu...tue..yg en hubby setuju sgt tue...erm..kalo tgk..en hubby skang ni pun dh smkn kurus...kalo ty die kate...sbb xleh mkn ade yg btlnye tue..sbb dulu ms die buat Master..kejenye..kalo mkn mesti kat MCD..kalo dh mlm sgt pun..sggup drive gi MCD sbb..nk mkn...mknan lain..die kurang ckit....tue ms die buat Master..naik berat bdn..bukan main lagi...

ok..sbg mengubat hati...kite layn gmbr MCD n PZZA HUT pun jdla ye...

gmbr en hubby ms kat UTM ngan skang:

ms duk UTM

skang ni...

will be continued...lagi...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

How to Know if You Are Having a Boy or a Girl Baby

Just a simple step...given by ehow website...just wanna to share it to all my frens...

more details u can go to the ehow website...

Step 1

Consider the ultrasound technician's evaluation to be accurate; most won't make a prediction unless they get a clear view of the baby's genitals.-not yet

Step 2

Trust the results of your amniocentesis, if you have one.-not done yet

Step 3

Thread a needle or use a necklace with a charm and have someone else suspend it above your belly. If the needle (charm) swings back and forth, a boy is in your future; if it moves in a circle, count on a girl. -erm...surprise!!!!

Step 4

Feeling really really nauseous during your first trimester is a sign you are having a girl; low levels of nausea means it's a boy.-i think..when pregnant altaf...i'm not really really nauseous like this one

Step 5

You've got a boy if your belly bulge is high up on your abdomen; carry low, and you're having a girl.-my belly blum besar lg la pulak

Step 6

Breaking out often? Feeling extra-bloated? Many people would say that you're having a girl and that she is already stealing your beauty.-ye ke?

Step 7

Looking back to the moment of truth - if the act that led to your conception was performed standing up, you'll have a boy; if the woman was on top you'll have a girl.-betul ke ni?

its up to u to trust it or not..but its just a knowledge for us....anyway...its turn to Allah..if Alah say its girl..n pray for the best...;)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

House turn to nursery....or nursery turn to house....;)

Wah!!!my house now absolutely turn to nursery....who want to send their kids...dozzo!!!dozzo!!!dozzo!!!huhuhuhu...ceh!!!perasan betul...

Actually...after we move to this house..n aafter thinking about Altaf development...we create our house become a playground!!!!huhuhuhu....tipu je tue...due to my desire to all things can make my daugther learn n learn something,mostly every weekend...I always persuade my hubby to go to the kids supermarket..or kids house...the mission is to get some toys or games for her..that can make her learn something..from her observe...

Before that...almost everyday..I browse the internet about games and toys 1years website, lamaze, babies r us, fisher price, wooden toys, disney baby,chunggington n learning curve website..I will browse the games or toys for her that can make her happy n not so bored at home...After browseit,,then..I talked to my hubby about thats things..n explain detail the things sampai my hubby setuju..n angguk to buy for her...huhuhu...I will pujuk my hubby siap ngan the picture n the price yg reasonable..

so..inii lah things yg dibeli oleh en hubby utk ank kesayangan nya from her early birth until now...Hopefully...this things can make my daughter learn while playing....huhuhu..

Focus on the bear...bear ni bought when she was 1month..went to JJ Melaka..n her father bought for hers..;)n lately she love it very much...;)

gymmats aka playmats for her...bought when she was 3months...@ ECM Kuantan
this the only one yg ada ms tue setelah survey beberapa kali...too expensive..but really berbaloi2..
brand by Fisher Price...rm200+++


this toys bought when she was 5 months..when we went to Along House...

she call this..moo-moo..I dont know..why...may be because her father always shout n said moo-moo when he hold this bear...bought when she was 5month

this walker already bought went we at Japan..bought a new one at JJay @ Aeon..rm120++
bought when she was 6month

this to increase her cognitive development n also her mom want she learn how to match the shape with the same hole...bought when she was 6month..really cheap..;)rm 15.00

this balls is requested by her hubby..she want altaf increase her cognitive...n bought it at chuuko aka second hand shop...@ rm6 for 180balls

this house also bought at chuuko @ rm70...I really surprise that we get this house..I tought its just a simple one...n altaf was very surprise n happy...;)
bought when she was 7month

we put all the balls in the house..n she was very happy to play in this house..smpi termimpi2 kot..die senyum n ketawa ketika tido...huhuhu..

pic4:she was very excited n still try utk sahut bile org pggl nama dia...;)

play very cheap..also we bought at chuuko..firstly...i dont want to go to this shop..but my hubby want we go together...n luckily..before this we are searching this mats at toys r us..which very expensive..n we only get a little..but this is very berbaloi2..we get 6X5 mats...bought @ rm16..

she love to put the picture out n put in her mouth...

this butterfly bought at Malaysia..when she was 4month...

We already complete the set of mats for her..n this is ABC n 0-9 alphabets n numbers set...really cheap..only rm50...n she can crawl safely...also bought at chuuko..

Even..mostly we bought it at chuuko..but..the things still like a new one..n it come with a complete set...i really not regret bought it...after..bought it usually..we all akan samak dulu n basuh sebersih2 bersihnya..sebelum membenarkan altaf main bende..tue...n really look a new one...

thats all her things...tlg abaikan meja yg berselerak n selipar yg menyemak kat tepi sofa tue...

what's next her toys? can u guess?

Friday, June 4, 2010


Erm..cube utk mempostkan entry br yang sudah lame berada di dalam kotak post ni...huhuhu
Its coz of: BUSY!!!!busy!!!BuSy!!! Izzit true or not..i'm not sure..cube membusykan diri sbnrnye..huhu...but after I got a msg from some of my students asked when I want to update my tersedar dr ke'busy'an...Actually,I'm promise to make an n3 1per week..but I think..for this about 3weeks..but dont hv any new n3..

Today is almost to our 1st month at a new house...we already move it to another house..Honestly, I'm really satisfied for this house...berbunga2 riang gembira...huhuhu..A lot of different that I can noticed between this house with the 'old' one...huhu..old ke?cian ITO DORMITORY ....

Ito Dormitory VS Imajuku Keikan aka Imajuku International House..

Absolutely...price between them is the most important reason why we want to move from that ITO...huhuhu.
At Ito we paid about 60,000 yen (RM 2050+++)/month. + with the deposit 30,000 yen (RM 1,050++) n the total we paid to them 90,000 yen..
but here we paid about 37,000yen (RM 1,400)/month n nonit to do a deposit...n we really2 happy on that..

So, we can save a lot when we stay here..

Ito dormitory


Imajuku kaikan aka Imajuku International House

  • House Area
The ITO one..was very narrow..I think..coz..there have 1  'cute' living room which only 2/3 person can sit there..and the living room is no near to the kicthen and also dining table..n because a cute baby WAQ can't go where she want to go..because a lot of obstacles when she try to catch me with her new walker...huhuhu

Ito dormitory..1004

Besides, even there hv 2 room but we only use 1..due to its only provide 1 single bed for each room..n we conclude to sleep in front of the TV where we hv to put the futon aka tilam in front of TV every night..n when I wake up for subuh about 4am automatically my baby WAQ wake up too...its also same goes when I want to prepare for breakfast and bento for my hubby..she also want to be chef..where she also wake up too...

But after this..she will wake up on 7pm..if she slept on 9pm at night..n Luckily..she never hear my senduk n kuali..berbunyi2..di ruang dapur..due to our room tersorok ckit from dapur...N we nonit to slept at the living room because it have a BIG BED..where 2 single bed..conbine each other..n soon n later I become fall in love with this house....

our living room n kitchen

wash room n the last pic is the electronic toilet...if u need water after poo-poo..just press the button...huhuhu

our room..n hv a big bed..n altaf boleh guling2 sampai tak ingat....huhuhu

  • Facilities
At ITO..we hv a washing machine n dryer at our house..but..mostly..we never use the boleh kering dryer must be the important things when its come too snow..season..n there hv facilities..but the important thing I want the nihongo class..but not provided at ITO..lastly, I go to nihongo class.but hv to paid..200yen per lesson..okay hubby hv to come back from his lab to take care of my anak dara..while I going to nihongo class..

ITO also provide-vaccum cleaner..which mostly in Japan..people use vaccum cleaner in their house instead of broom...tue la..canggih sgt jepun can use wheneverwe want to use...n also provide..racket,shuttle,baseball n adik beradiknya..but there didnt provide internet here..where..we hv to buy emobile aka broadband...but luckily hubby frens was very kind to lend us the broadband for 1month..

Since this is a International its provide a lot of facilities here...In this house..we dont hv washing machine..but the management hv a washing machine area..which located at our floor..second floor..this is a coin washing machine..Beside, the important is...there hv a free nihongo class aka japanese class..conduct by Japanese we just quit from the paying nihongo class at ITO...Its also provide asembly room where we can use to we use when Ustz Hussein Yee came to Fukuoka..n the most important things..too..its provide can use internet wherever we want...huhuhu..then,became I fall in love again...

assembly room

  • Shop aka shopping mall.... ITO we can go shopping when its come to weekend...due to..its too far..from the shop..there hv no shopping mall or shop near from ITO..the only near is Kyudai aka Kyushu University..
n beside that..since we are new here...we are the only family stay at ITO..others are near to each others...all Malaysian said that our rent its very expensive n lack of facilities... this Imajuku International House...the shop become near..I can walk to go to the shop..only nonit to wait my hubby to bring me to the shop...All shop are near..even AEON aka so near to our can saw from my window...n also chuuko aka second hand shop..huhuhu
n lastly..we are near to Malaysian..we hv 2 family which stay at this apartment...

codomo clinic yg dekat..bersebelahan dgn supermarket cosmo

AEON aka JUSCO yang dekat...jln kaki pun sampai...;)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

gOoD NeWs Vs baD nEws?

Erm..this entry will be in Malay ye..due to tgh melayan hati yg sedih or gembira..xtahu nk kate perasaan skang...
Erm ni luahan hati..

Alhamdulillah...last week dpt tahu berita gembira yang BOLEH mempercepatkan sambung belajar..pada bln depan..bestnya...;)Prof..siap dh bgtau..ape tajuk yg akan kuar ms focus..on the subtopic..given...he also..give a hand..if i need some help..with the Prof..mcm ni...;)Firstly...mule2 planning nk msk bln 10..then..bile dpt tahu boleh msk awal...teringin pulak..nk masuk awl..boleh abis cepatkan...huhuhu...sblm ni risau mengenai scholar...Alhamdulillah...skang scholar dh xde problemdah...Prof..siap nakbuatkan recommendation letter utk ku dpt scholar...huhuhuhu...suke sangat222;)rasa mcm susah je nk dpt Prof mcm nie..dh lah sibuk dgn xtvt n management..lg pula dia coordinator Math for Industry...n also dekan of Faculty of hv a time to see me..n follow up my progress...

Waiting for the Prof. Masato Wakayama.

In front of the Faculty of Mathematics

n setelah..berbincang dgn en hubby..dia berbesar hati memberiku sambung lbh awl..kate dia..bgs jugak tue...n sy pun sepakat nk amik bln7 msk as a research students...n prepare on it...
buat2 cbuk bljr blk silibus yg dh tggl lame...;)susah jugak nk recall...

n dis sy perasan dh dkt 1bln lbh xdtg period...n dlm hati..terpk..xkan pregnant kot..altaf kecil 8bln..n utkmenyedapkan hati..mungkin..hormon kot..yela..sejak akhir2 nie..cbuk kalo dh stat blj..nk hntr altaf kat nursery mn...survey2 nursery....ty2 sensei nihongo.kat mn nursery ok..n murah..

Altaf @ 8 month with her frens..

n br semalam..en hubby kate better check la..takut pregnant kot..then...blk dr sek..en hubby pun membeli pregnancy test tue....mahal btl..dkt RM27++++....kalo dulu kat Malaysia..boleh dpt free je kat klinik...
Then...smlm jugak en hubby blk awl utk memberi pregnancy test tu..n disurhu check oleh en hubby secepat ms tue mcm xde hati je nak check..sbb malas...n takut nk tgk result die...;(

Lastly, setelah..dipaksa beberapa kali..n utk menghargai apa yg en hubby pun gi la..check....ya Allah....+ve la!!!!n terus tunjuk pd en hubby..sbb en hubby tue xpernah tgk pun bende tue sblm ni..sbb ms check nk tahu pregnant altaf dulu...en hubby xde di sisi..outstation....
Itulah..ayat yg pertama terpacul keluar dr mulut sy...n sy rs mcm kesian sgt2..kat altaf..die ms kecilg..die dah la fully breastfeed..n sy still continue EBM kat die...bile tgk muke mcm nk nangis je..;(dgn dia yg xtahu ape2 lagi....

n kemudian...yg membuntukan hati n fikiran ni...mcmane ni?dh nk smbg dh...Prof pun dh dh bersedia...n tgh prepare pun..mcmane nie...ty en hubby..die kate..pklah..yg mn terbaik utk sy.....senangnya..en hubby memang nk sangat sambung....n bile tahu pregnant ni rs mcmane ye...sbb kat cn..kalo hntr ank mesti 3/4bln ke atas..xleh kurang dr tue..mcmane ni?

en hubby yg sentiasa beri sokongan.;)

Nie yang membuntukan kepala ni...hati n dlm ms yg sama..bile tahu pregnant..anak mcm susah nk hntr nursery..n terpk dgn ank yg kecil2 mcm susah nak 'cope' je...

Ya Allah..tlglah..ku berikan petunjuk yang terbaik untuk diri dan keluargaku...
kepada kawan2 ku...blogger2..tlg bgtau sy ape yg perlu sy perlu buat? suggestion utk ku...demi yang terbaik utk ku....