Tuesday, June 8, 2010

House turn to nursery....or nursery turn to house....;)

Wah!!!my house now absolutely turn to nursery....who want to send their kids...dozzo!!!dozzo!!!dozzo!!!huhuhuhu...ceh!!!perasan betul...

Actually...after we move to this house..n aafter thinking about Altaf development...we decide..to create our house become a playground!!!!huhuhuhu....tipu je tue...due to my desire to all things can make my daugther learn n learn something everyday...so,mostly every weekend...I always persuade my hubby to go to the kids supermarket..or kids house...the mission is to get some toys or games for her..that can make her learn something..from her observe...

Before that...almost everyday..I browse the internet about games and toys website..like..the 1years website, lamaze, babies r us, fisher price, wooden toys, disney baby,chunggington n learning curve website..I will browse the games or toys for her that can make her happy n not so bored at home...After browseit,,then..I talked to my hubby about thats things..n explain detail the things sampai my hubby setuju..n angguk to buy for her...huhuhu...I will pujuk my hubby siap ngan the picture n the price yg reasonable..

so..inii lah things yg dibeli oleh en hubby utk ank kesayangan nya from her early birth until now...Hopefully...this things can make my daughter learn while playing....huhuhu..

Focus on the bear...bear ni bought when she was 1month..went to JJ Melaka..n her father bought for hers..;)n lately she love it very much...;)

gymmats aka playmats for her...bought when she was 3months...@ ECM Kuantan
this the only one yg ada ms tue setelah survey beberapa kali...too expensive..but really berbaloi2..
brand by Fisher Price...rm200+++


this toys bought when she was 5 months..when we went to Along House...

she call this..moo-moo..I dont know..why...may be because her father always shout n said moo-moo when he hold this bear...bought when she was 5month

this walker already bought went we at Japan..bought a new one at JJay @ Aeon..rm120++
bought when she was 6month

this games..is to increase her cognitive development n also her mom want she learn how to match the shape with the same hole...bought when she was 6month..really cheap..;)rm 15.00

this balls is requested by her hubby..she want altaf increase her cognitive...n bought it at chuuko aka second hand shop...@ rm6 for 180balls

this house also bought at chuuko @ rm70...I really surprise that we get this house..I tought its just a simple one...n altaf was very surprise n happy...;)
bought when she was 7month

we put all the balls in the house..n she was very happy to play in this house..smpi termimpi2 kot..die senyum n ketawa ketika tido...huhuhu..

pic4:she was very excited n still try utk sahut bile org pggl nama dia...;)

play mats..is very cheap..also we bought at chuuko..firstly...i dont want to go to this shop..but my hubby want it..so we go together...n luckily..before this we are searching this mats at toys r us..which very expensive..n we only get a little..but this is very berbaloi2..we get 6X5 mats...bought @ rm16..

she love to put the picture out n put in her mouth...

this butterfly bought at Malaysia..when she was 4month...

We already complete the set of mats for her..n this is ABC n 0-9 alphabets n numbers set...really cheap..only rm50...n she can crawl safely...also bought at chuuko..

Even..mostly we bought it at chuuko..but..the things still like a new one..n it come with a complete set...i really not regret bought it...after..bought it usually..we all akan samak dulu n basuh sebersih2 bersihnya..sebelum membenarkan altaf main bende..tue...n really look a new one...

thats all her things...tlg abaikan meja yg berselerak n selipar yg menyemak kat tepi sofa tue...

what's next her toys? can u guess?


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