Monday, May 31, 2010

Izzit dream come true?

Salam to all....Its really touch my heart..when my youngest sister..wrote this essay...This is a compulsory essay for her to write..before she further her study in medical..field...hope she can PASS with FLYING COLOUR RESULT..for becoming as a medical student...

my parent... my family..I(angah),my eldest sister(along) n my youngest sister (hani)..the only our sibling...n we only hv 2 man.....which we call hilmi for the eldest one..ang the youngest n last n loving man...adam..

Since we are in a childhood, my parent always remind us to learn n study so hard n smart...our parent were very commited to our education..She always remind us to be a good students..we at home have a schedule make by my father..where..there hv some times we cant watch the TV program..we  have to study..n learn something..._but sometimes..I always try to not obey the rules..because..I want to watch the cartoon....mostly..I cant got this...

The SIMPLE REASON why my parent do it?because they want us to be a good daughter or son..when we grow up...they wont us to be like them...they hv a high hope for us....

Their HOPE are..they hope one of my siblings..become a cn make easier when they want to hv a treatment when they were dr beberapa..kes sblm susah dpt layanan n tempat utk cepatkan rwtn if ade emergency...

along with her kid_Aqil Raziq

hani_love to take a picture...;)

my 1st sister...truly hv these..ambition..but she not hv rezeki on that she became a a physics teacher...n I...i'm truly not interest about this field...malasnya..nk bljr sungguh2 sgt..huhu..then, tgk darah pun mcm nk pening dah..duk kat hospital tgk org sakit..pun boleh pitam.apetah nk jd DR....n the last hope...r with my little sister...Alhamdulillah..she is nearly to the medical field..but she hv to struggle for 5 years to get it..Hopefully she can got iT!!!n my parent will be proud with her!!!!!

With the scholarship from MARA under SPC program..she further her study....(SPC stand for Skim Pelajar Cemerlang)..but..firstly she already upset coz..cant further her study abroad...due to MARA Financial..her hope to further some her fren..but finally..she can accept it...n Now..she will further her study to RCMP..Royal Colllege Medical of Perak..for the 5years...

My advice to her: You almost so near to what u want..So..u have to be strong, more struggle..n pray for th e rest..Hope she will do the best for her life..!!!!

And this is her essay:

It was a lovely and peaceful night. When I looked out of a window, a gibbous moon in the sky lit up the wispy clouds. It reminded me of a verse, ‘The sky’s the limit to everything’. I then realized how true the adage is in achieving what we aim in life. Therefore, I am always motivated to turn my dream into a reality because I believe ‘where is a will, there is a way’. Because of that, I decided to go into the medical profession as my career even though I knew that to get into the medical profession was not as easy as AB’C.

Coming from a middle-class family, I realize the exact meaning of love, caring and sacrifice. When both my sisters had successfully become teachers, they motivated me to work harder. It encouraged me to do something different from them. I also wanted to improve the condition of my family especially their health and wealth. Moreover, my spirit was raised after witnessing how my aunt copes with her works of a specialist in obstetrics and gynecologists at Putrajaya Hospital. She is really a dedicated and committed doctor as she always motivates me to work harder to be in medical field.

As I grew, I watched the suffering of my own brother due to epilepsy. Each and every time the seizure attacks him, I will see him crying badly and asking why he must experience all the pains. As a sister, I highly empathize and sympathize of what he had faced. Then, I persuaded him to be stronger and never stop praying to God. At this moment, I determined to find the cure of this disease and yet, the spirit had inspired me to work harder and achieve my goal in my life, which is to be a doctor.

In addition, I have been exposed by many attractive movies and series stories regarding medicine such as, House and Grey’s Anatomy. As I enjoy watched these movies, it’s well-portrayed of what going to happen when you are in medical life. So, it’s already increase my fascination in doctor’s life. Furthermore, life with the hectic schedule, challenging life, and busy are the best words that describe what the doctors are. However, I still insist to be a doctor because I believe that I will be manages to handle my works well as I used to train while I undergo my foundation studies in Kolej Mara Kuala Nerang. By having an outstanding basic, I intend to pursue my studies in Royal College of Medicine Perak.

As to conclude, although being a doctor is still a long and tough road ahead, I had no a doubt that it will be a fascinating journey. As a person who cares about the emotion of others, I think being a doctor is the best profession for me. I really hope that I will be given a chance to realize my childhood dream. I promise that after I graduate, I will give my full service to my country and the community that need me the most. This is a trust that I will forever honour.

Hopefully...her dream come true..!!!
p/s:tibe2 rs rindu kt kg..tue yg buat entry nie tue..lagila..adik I ni selalu kene sakat ngan I..tue yg rindu tue...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

and with all...

Salam perkenalan buat je kenal mamaeja nye blog ni..4hari lepas..godek2 ckit blog n blog jahit mamaeja..terpegun dgn jahitan dress jd follower..nnt boleh terjah blog mamaeja tgk2 dress comel utk anak dara i ni..

then,,tgk n3 mamaeja mll contest dgn tidak berlengah lagi..terus nk mask..

Biasalah..this month will be the mood month to join Giveaway..this giveaway make me to join..due to..pic2 my anak dara mostly wear hat...especially when we are  here.. review the contest..ur please to klik here or just klik the banner...

Sy suke blog mamaeja...sbb sy suke warna blog like cute sgt2..then..byk cerita yg mamaeja kongsikan... yg sy yg br jd dlm dunia blogger...n segalanya baru..thanks mamaeja..;)

erm..this is my cutest princess with hat

Name: Wan Altaf Qaisara
Age: 8 month
DOB : 19 September 2009
Mom's name: onedurrani aka aimi
mailto : durrani_aimi@yah

about Pic:
Pic ini diambil ms Altaf (6month) nie..umi altaf br blk sekolah..then, amik altaf at rumah pengasuh(kak za) utk dibw injection for 6 month...terkejut umi altaf bile tgk altaf pki bj ni with the hat...dress n hat ini dihadiahkan oleh kak za..then..hari tue..kak za..xpki bj yg umi bklkan,dia pkikan dress with this hat to altaf..coz tahu altaf nk gi injection...Thanks to kak za..location this pic kat klinik kesihatan Gambang...tgh tggu giliran..disebabkan altaf so excited sbb pki bj pun asyik tersenyum je..-sbb sblm ni umi die xpnh belikan dress n hat

So..hopefully,lengkaplah..t&C ye mamaeja..kalo ade xlengkap bgtau taw...

to..all my fren..jom jom2..kite join this contest!!!-bc dgn nada mcm nyanyi lagu jom heboh taw..

due date:17 June 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Salam...dis Giveaway... by mama Farrihin..bersempena dgn besday Farrihin yg ke-2..

so...this is special wishes for Farrihin:

Happy Birthday Farrihin!!!!in advance...
Hope u will be the 'Hero' to ur mom n dad...
Hope Farrihin..jd anak yang baik n soleh...

Dah besar dh Farrihin..jgn nakal2 taw..!!!

Erm..not to all my frens..let's join this GA..easy GA..T&C pun easy...

So..what are u waiting for?Jom kite terjah ramai2 blog ni...
Due date: 31May 2010



Salam..this month is a mood to join contest...huhuhu

So..before ni jd silent blogger je tue ibuQisQas but bile ari nie..buke blog ibuQisQas br tergerak nk msk contest pun ikutlah T&C die..mcm senang lah.dgn rs malu2 kat ibuQisQas..nk jd follower..huhuhu..sori ye ibuQisQas..;)

Contest ini dibuat bersempena..dgn besday pinky girl..iaitu..puteri pengarang jantung  hati ibuQisQas..namanya..SHARIFAH NAYLI QASRINA.

Special wishes to PINKY Girl yg cute:

Happy birthday ye..Qasrina sayang!!!!
Moga jd anak yg baik n solehah...!!
Moga  sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki..!!!

erm..syarat kali ini..nk bby in pink..beli tgk almari pic dlm lapp ni..mcm xde je..sume gmbr pink..yg ade gmbr pink n putih..n pose nie..sume mcm xbersedia..anyway..asl die pki bj ade pink jdla kan..ibuQisQas..
pic nie diambil ms dia duduk baring je ade...xpe ye..ibuQisQas

Name : Wan Altaf Qaisara
Age : 8 month.
DOB: 19 September 2009

Altaf, ummi harap altaf akan jd anak yg baik dan solehah..cerdik pandai..dan ummi sentiasa doakan altaf selamat di dunia dan akhirat...InsyaAllah...Ummi n abi Sayang Altaf..;)

Friday, May 21, 2010 all..

Pon!!!pon!!pon!!!erm..giveaway dr Tote Boutique..
See the picture above!!! cute n nice..n I just fall in LOVE in It!!!

I love Tote Boutique VERYYYYYY MUCH!!!

Its about 1 week..I just thinking izzit I hv to Join this giveaway...

After 'bermundar-mundir' in front of the lappy..I sunddenly..stop!!
n start to JOIN this Giveaway....after see there hv a special present to special n3...

But..after I 'previous bag' sgt2 lah USang sehingga dimamah Usia...

This is my 1st bag...

Front, Back, Side n Inside of my "USANG" bag..

n now..I use "Borrow" beg..

Borrow from my Sister In Law...

Since, I think I have to have a stylish n beautiful one for me to be a stylish mom..huhuhu.

So, I addict to the adorable Bag..below...cause..its give to the special..entry...

I hope by Join this fever to get the adorable bag..tertunai jugak..(sampai termimpi2 dlm tido..)

Tote boutique..also provide beauty, stylish, cutest n gorgeous bag..which is very good for mom n woman who love to look gorgeous everywhere!!..
the gorgeous products are like these:

Black n white Gorgeous Bag...

Bag for Diapers...;)like it!!!

Pinky Gorgeous Bag...

Diapers bag...

Orders Items: H/p cases, Pencil Case..n Etc..
For more Gorgeous-gorgeous bag klik here

One more gorgeous bag..huhuhu...

One more again!!!

So...what are u waiting!!!!let's join this giveaway..a simple one..

T & C is so simple:

- Menjadi follower TOTE BOUTIQUE (Blog baru ini)-done
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Due date:  25th May 2010


Hurry up!!!!!hurry Up!!!Let's we join this Giveaway!!!

the simple one..n the term also simple..;))))I like the simple dimple one...;)))

Lets..this from nuyui yg very generous want to give a special present...huhuhu..

Hope I'm the lucky one..;)

so,  my more waiting time!!!lets Join Now!!!
due date is so close: 23 May 2010.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hurry Up!!!we have to join this giveaway....;)

Erm..Senyuman paling Menawan....wah2!!!!ms tgh blog walking..sbnrnya..nk cr hairban craft yg comel utk si ank dara nie..yg tgh buat..giveaway..for her kids...

Ape lagi,tiba2 terpikir kalo dpt msk..n mana tahu..hadiahnya..boleh jd hairban for my ank dara yg dh smakin pnjg rambut lagi..JoM JoIn!!!!!!

Hadiah2 nya pun menarik taw..kalo nk tahu bloeh klik cn...

Okay..di sini..gambar anak dara I yg akan dipertaruhkan. dikatakan mempunyai senyuman yang paling menawan tue...huhuhu..untung2..kalo menang..rezeki anak I la tue..huhuhu

erm...susah gak nk pilih...byk gak gmbr rs ni pic yg plg menawan nie..abi dia pggl nama dia..n dia terus plg..smbl memberi senyuman yg plg menawan bg membalas panggilan dan senyuman abi die...huhuhu...Pic diambil ms ank dara ni umur 6 month
n senyuman ni menawan sbb 1st time dia pki bj yg dihadiahkan oleh atuknya..huhuhu
n..senyuman ni menawan sbbdia br sihat dr flu...

pnjg btl..keterangan nie..huhuhu

Nama : Wan Altaf Qaisara
Age : 7 Month 

So, tggu ape lg kwn2 yg ade bby dr 1hari hingga 6 thn..jom join..contest ni
JoM!!!kite ni!!! all...
Erm..mood to join the contest and giveaway..msh lah dlm keadaan yang sgt membara....
Rs mcm sume giveaway..nk msk..konon nye giveaway..yg nie..nk msk gak..sbb mcm best je hadiah yang ditawarkan...:)))...
Dis giveaway..actually sempena..besday anak chegiu...NUR FATIN ADLINA..yg sudah berumur 1years old...'Hepi Belated Birthday'...
To all my frens...jomla msk Giveaway ni..xsusah pun..just a simple giveaway..dia ada 2 sy ni pilih category yg mn pndi mengomen2 org nye blog...ku sedar diri ni...

So, to all my frens yg nk msk..silalah..terjah2 ye blog Chegiu yg cun tue...

Monday, May 17, 2010

“Sofia & Emak Birthday's Giveaway”


Mood to involve any giveaway & contest...mendatang secara tiba2....bagai pokok yang ditiup angin...huhuhu..

so..this is my 2nd attempt to join Sofiah & Emak Birthday's Giveaway

Di kenaksempatan ini...I want to dedicate this special wishes to Sofia n her beloved Emak...:

  • Happy birthday to Sofia...;)
  • Be a good n 'Solehah' to ur mom ye...;)
  • erm..dh besar dah Sofia...Hope Sofia be a good leader to her coming siblings..InsyaALLAH;)

  • To Emak aka Nurul Nordin:
  • Happy becoming Birthday!!!
  • Hope u become the happiest Mom in the WORLD!!!
  • You are the greatest MOM to Your Kids SOFIA!!!
  • Sofia mesti bangga dpt her mom mcm Nurul...
  • Moga u murah rezeki  HendakNYA...;)
So,all blogger out there...fastest!!!!join this Giveaway...just a simple one...Klik here for the Term & Conditions

The due date is just arround the Hurry Up!!!!!20 MAY 2010
Join this!


This is my 1st attempt to join a giveaway...n I choose sararisa-craft...;) Hopefully, she like it..

Anyway, these are wishes for Sararisa:

Happy Birtday in Advance!!!!
Hope u become a creative n the creativeiest crafter!!!!
May Allah bless u so much...;)

n frankly speaking that ur creativity very abdorable to me!!!!!!admire U so much..even u did know me..

To all my blogger: don't hesitate to join it!!!!
The term & conditions is very simple...n you can klik here!!!
Don't too late...join Now!!!the due date on 18 MAY 2010 before 8pm..

So,,ape lagi...jom terjah blog Sararisa!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Teacher Day (belated)

I want to take this opportunity to wish..

Happy Teacher Day


  • ALL my teachers from kindergarden to the University....Tadika Islam, Lumut, SKPTLDM (1), SMKDHTK n UKM...

  • both of the teacher in my family...(Pn Rosni Abdul Jalal -mom n Pn Durrani Mastura Abdul Malik-along)

  • both teacher in my family in law...(Pn Edarofida n Pn Wan Nurasidah-SIL)

  • ALL my fPend UKM frens 2007, my frens who as a teacher from SMKDHTK n SKTLDM(1).........

  • ALL my frens in SMK LEPAR, Pekan..n also SMK CHINI, Pekan....

  • ALL my siblings who as a teacher, ...(Pn Zainah, Pn Halimah,Pn Norshahida)

  • ALL  my blogger frens who as a teacher...

  • All my frens in Fukuoka who as a teacher (Pn Haliza, Pn Haslinda n En Badrul)

  • All moms' out there which hv to teach hers Little One..-you are also a teacher to your kids..
This is a simple poem to all dedicated teacher a present for the teacher day...;)

Wonderful Teacher

You add a lot of love

With a special gift for learning

And with a heart that deeply cares,

To everything you share,

And even though

You mean a lot,

You'll never know how much,

For you helped

To change the world

Through every life you touched.

You sparked the creativity

In the students whom you taught,

And helped them strive for goals

That could not be bought,

You are such a special teacher

That no words can truly tell

However much you're valued
For the work you do so well.

- Author unknown

Hopefully all teachers above not bored in order to nurturing and teach students in the school...You are Great Teacher in my Heart!!!!p/s:Erm,this is a 2nd year I can't celebrate a Teacher Day with my students n teacher..I only can celebrate when I was a very junior teacher-which is 1st year I at school..n I got award as a Mannered Teachers....n till now I still save the awards at my village at Malaysia... When I was in the 2nd year..I can't celebrate it because of I have to go to Induksi for two weeks..;( n for this 3rd year..I can't again!!!!...;(Izzit I can celebrate it after 3 and half years??