Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Teacher Day (belated)

I want to take this opportunity to wish..

Happy Teacher Day


  • ALL my teachers from kindergarden to the University....Tadika Islam, Lumut, SKPTLDM (1), SMKDHTK n UKM...

  • both of the teacher in my family...(Pn Rosni Abdul Jalal -mom n Pn Durrani Mastura Abdul Malik-along)

  • both teacher in my family in law...(Pn Edarofida n Pn Wan Nurasidah-SIL)

  • ALL my fPend UKM frens 2007, my frens who as a teacher from SMKDHTK n SKTLDM(1).........

  • ALL my frens in SMK LEPAR, Pekan..n also SMK CHINI, Pekan....

  • ALL my siblings who as a teacher, ...(Pn Zainah, Pn Halimah,Pn Norshahida)

  • ALL  my blogger frens who as a teacher...

  • All my frens in Fukuoka who as a teacher (Pn Haliza, Pn Haslinda n En Badrul)

  • All moms' out there which hv to teach hers Little One..-you are also a teacher to your kids..
This is a simple poem to all dedicated teacher a present for the teacher day...;)

Wonderful Teacher

You add a lot of love

With a special gift for learning

And with a heart that deeply cares,

To everything you share,

And even though

You mean a lot,

You'll never know how much,

For you helped

To change the world

Through every life you touched.

You sparked the creativity

In the students whom you taught,

And helped them strive for goals

That could not be bought,

You are such a special teacher

That no words can truly tell

However much you're valued
For the work you do so well.

- Author unknown

Hopefully all teachers above not bored in order to nurturing and teach students in the school...You are Great Teacher in my Heart!!!!p/s:Erm,this is a 2nd year I can't celebrate a Teacher Day with my students n teacher..I only can celebrate when I was a very junior teacher-which is 1st year I at school..n I got award as a Mannered Teachers....n till now I still save the awards at my village at Malaysia... When I was in the 2nd year..I can't celebrate it because of I have to go to Induksi for two weeks..;( n for this 3rd year..I can't again!!!!...;(Izzit I can celebrate it after 3 and half years??


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