Friday, May 21, 2010 all..

Pon!!!pon!!pon!!!erm..giveaway dr Tote Boutique..
See the picture above!!! cute n nice..n I just fall in LOVE in It!!!

I love Tote Boutique VERYYYYYY MUCH!!!

Its about 1 week..I just thinking izzit I hv to Join this giveaway...

After 'bermundar-mundir' in front of the lappy..I sunddenly..stop!!
n start to JOIN this Giveaway....after see there hv a special present to special n3...

But..after I 'previous bag' sgt2 lah USang sehingga dimamah Usia...

This is my 1st bag...

Front, Back, Side n Inside of my "USANG" bag..

n now..I use "Borrow" beg..

Borrow from my Sister In Law...

Since, I think I have to have a stylish n beautiful one for me to be a stylish mom..huhuhu.

So, I addict to the adorable Bag..below...cause..its give to the special..entry...

I hope by Join this fever to get the adorable bag..tertunai jugak..(sampai termimpi2 dlm tido..)

Tote boutique..also provide beauty, stylish, cutest n gorgeous bag..which is very good for mom n woman who love to look gorgeous everywhere!!..
the gorgeous products are like these:

Black n white Gorgeous Bag...

Bag for Diapers...;)like it!!!

Pinky Gorgeous Bag...

Diapers bag...

Orders Items: H/p cases, Pencil Case..n Etc..
For more Gorgeous-gorgeous bag klik here

One more gorgeous bag..huhuhu...

One more again!!!

So...what are u waiting!!!!let's join this giveaway..a simple one..

T & C is so simple:

- Menjadi follower TOTE BOUTIQUE (Blog baru ini)-done
- Membuat entry tentang giveaway ini di blog masing-masing- done
- meninggalkan komen tentang entry anda-done
Due date:  25th May 2010


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