Thursday, December 10, 2009

1st day at Summersets...


Today is my 1st day at Summersets, Rompin.....(y summerset?coz of my hubby hv a meeting there) instead of attending meeting we can also going holiday(hati yang sedih gak)...and luckily i choose to create my own blog on today after i read some of my frens and others blog(bc dgn nada jeles,sbb jeles gak asyik bc blog org je)....This is juz a simple blog where i want to share some info, about my feeling and also my memories with my family and frenz..

(main entrance of Summerset)

(at the lobby)

(in our room)

Back to the title..em..last night we juz arrived from Gambang to Rompin(Summerset located) where its takes about 2 hours little one(MLO) Alhamdulillah....she was enjoy the journey...huhuhu. Actually,I dont want to go holiday coz of I hv to attend my aunt wedding.....but after a little bit discussion with my hubby..he gave a green light...that I can stay at my village about 1week after dis you so much hubby...Thanks alot...;)

(my little one so excited to stay here)(both of u...what r u talking about)
I'm so excited when we arrived here...It such a good place for family...There are many activites provide by the resort such as riding horse (as i could see some visitor riding it),cycling,of course swimming,kayak,and some indoor games..In the evening, we just going out for sight-seeing with my little one..(em mcm agen pelancongan pulak) . surprisingly,during the little one jus keep quiet and keep observing the envrment on her stroller and become moody when she saw a new frenz...em..dah penat dah la tue..but before dis..while waiting her abbi, she keep saying...ntahla ckp ape pun she so excited to go out from dis room...huhuhu...

(sigthseeing with my dear WAQ)

(my dear WAQ with her fren aimini)

Em....I think...I should stop typing right now coz my WAQ already wake up..


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