Saturday, February 6, 2010

Students VS Teacher

Today, I went to school for sekolah ganti on chiense new that we can continue our school holiday for one week..

As plan before, our panel of mathematics hv doing Bengkel Matematik special for our SPM and PMR candidates which automatically I hv to involve in this program..This program entering to Second phase...1st phase already done in Karnival Sains And Mathematics last 2 weeks.students are divided in to several group which conducted by 9 fasilitator among their frens..The fasilitator hv been selected based on their marks..and what I can said here..the objective is achieved completely..huhuhu;)We as a teacher as a observer sj..

What I want to write just a story behind the program..about one hour the program hv been started one of my students called me..
Its just a stroy for my students.

1st story.

"cikgu, tolong saya cikgu" one of my fasilitator.(Fasi 1)
"tolong cikgu,sy dh ajar die bnyk kali smpi tak tahu cr mcmane lg nk ajar die? cube cikgu ty die soalan ni je"fasi 1.

Then, i'm asked the students that question..surprisely the answer make me feel mad..
the question is 2x X x = ?
the students answer is y...Im very shocked on that..then, i'm asked 1 simple question: -1 X 6 =?
students answer slumber je: 3..
em..i thnik this students was very2 weak..then, i asked his math teacher..the teacher also said that the students even cant read properly..
Still i can help this students?what about his future after this? what kind of work that he want to work?
Lastly, i take this opportunity to teach a simple algebraic only..N Alhamdulillah,..he got it..
my Fasi 1 say "sy rs cikgu sy boleh sakit mental ajar die"i jus smile at her..What wikk you do if you at my place?

2nd story

Fasi 2..
She is good fasi..where she focus on hers frens..but after recess she told me.."cikgu, mcmane cikgu boleh sabar dgn anak2 murid cikgu yg cikgu ajar?Saya rasa sy tak boleh sabar la cikgu..terutamanye..bile sy ajar lain die jawab lain.."
then, I told her.."sebg cikgu, sy ken sabar n tak jemu ngajar anak2 murid sy..wpun die terlalu kene kreatifkan kaedah mengajar supaya jk sy mengajar pd pljr yg lemah..die boleh faham kaedah nye" then, i make one analogy to make she understand it..

3rd story..

one of the group member told me.."cikgu, fasi kiteorg menangis cikgu?"
i'm asked "kenape?"I come to her and stand beside her and asked why r u crying?"
"sy rs bersalah ajar die ms tak boleh faham ape yg sy dh gune kaedah die msh tak faham cikgu.."
"sabar...awk kene sabar..take a rest dulu..then,br smbg..mungkin kwn ae=wk tension tue.."

EM..moral of the story...
every students hv a different attitude and different upbringing..some students were very slow and some are too fast..thats are an obstacles that teachers have to take it..this a nuture to be a teacher..but as a teacher I have to be patient and teach without feel boring..InsyaAllah..its will achieved...!!!!!


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