Monday, January 11, 2010

Welcome back to school....part 1

Now,we r in the 2nd week of the school day..I'm still need some time to adjust some time management on the 1st week schoolday with mey little WAQ..

I want to be like my mum where all rounded on her work..A big clap to my mum..coz i can see when i was young...but now become youngest...hehehe...she can arrange all her housework before she going to respect to her..Early in the morning,prepare our breakfast n some dishes for our lunch,washing clothes,recite al-Quran and some solat sunat, and she can iron our clothes...but us..including my siblings...jus pepare for ourself to go to school...

But now after getting married and hv my little WAQ..frankly speaking I cant be like my mum..I always wondering how my mum can face all that with her calm face...(terbayang my mum face la..)I always play with my time..n till now my time still win in this game..em..aja2 figthing...hope tomorrow will be better than yesterday...

The first week of my school...its so hard..coz they are a lot things to update..for this year..I still become a Head of additional Mathematics, Head of Scholarship and still Head of Neptune(sports)..Hope this year my Neptune team can be the hero of SMK Lepar...and also my subject will enhance the GPS...

Okay..its too late for me..coz i hv to wake up early at 3am..will be continued for the part 2..


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