Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How to make a courier?

Before we fly..n before we going back to my mom in law house..we already sent 1 parcel to out house..Its took about 3 months(according to the post officer) and my fren here said that..its took about 1 month to arrived after day...hour by hour..and minute to minutes.....i always dream that my parcel already arrived safetly...erm...when? I never know it..

To make a parcel to hv about two different way..either by air or by sea....n of coursela... the price also different...
By air..u hv paid a lot and the duration to arrive only 1 month...suitable to unperishable food and items..1kg= rm 30.
By sea...the most cheaper courier..and tduration to arrive 1-3 months..depends to the n very suitable to a lot of food which perishable...the weight for these items is not exceed to 20kg...n the max amount that the post officer give is rm97.00 for about 20kg..

For me..we decide to take the courier by sea..its more cheaper than by air..

Below is the step u have to follow before u send the courier to the post Officer...

1.  As we have a lot of  dried food to courier to get the max weight...20kg..
2. You have to serach a good box..which good condition...just go to the shopping mall and ask for the box extra...almost the shopping mall will give u free of charge..n the box absolutely  like a new one..huhuhu
3. Then, put all ur items in the box..sort it untill u satisfied...
4. Then..u have to make a weight of the box..if more then 20kg..u should take out ur item..then,continuous make a weight...till u hv about 19.5 kg....weight scale?just use penimbang berat badan je....huhuhu..
Why i want u to spare about +/- 0.5kg..coz.some times our scale is not same with in the post,its much better u spare it..
5. Take ur box with its wrapper to the post office..
Times to courier..
6. At the post office, just ask the officer that u want to make sea post...there were understand..n ask them to make a weight  ur box..After, he do it..u can wrap it properly..the most important is ur 'oil paper' aka kertas minyak should more thick than normally use in the school..can got this from bookshop...

wrap th box nicely
7. Wrap it properly..then,u have to fill a form..where the information about ur add n the delivery add...n also what the box contain..So that,the officer will take care about ur box if fragile or not...

Fill the form
8. Lastly, u have to tie ur box with the courier rope..can get this from bookshop too...

tie the box
9. Write the delivery add. on the top of box..

Prepare for courier
10.Finally,the box prepare for the courier...


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