Monday, April 5, 2010

Sayonara Malaysia....part 2...

Erm..we start travel hv not inish yet..after a few day,we again..go to kl...n start to go Mak Uda House...She is a teacher..n hv 4 children..where there are all my siblings...Arrival at there..we cn smell the delicious meal..that she cooked....och! stomach already tatto..all side..huhuhu...Erm..I'm love to, her maid serve us variety of food..such..laksa Johor, Spagetti n bubur saliva dropping with bubur delicious..Before that, Altaf took a bath at her house coz we already arrive at Damansara on 7pm..its too.late.
    pic 1: My father with Ain Fariha
                       pic 2: pak Uda with Altaf after take a bath     
After full our tanks..huhu
Why we so late?not coz of Jam..n not because of we depart to late...Its because of we hv to visit our relative at Melaka and IKBN..At melaka_my father's uncle ..were we called him Tok Busu n Nek Pungut..They are two loving couple..till the end..I think...Coz..eventough they hv a lot of children..they still one to stay at Kg(former is our house) between to of us..besides,there take care one of their grand child...The most important things..Nek Pungut is very loving and kindly person..what ever her hubby want and what ever her hubby said..she always agree with it..I'm solute her...what..can I see she always recpect n serve her hubby very well...erm..want to story...According to my mom's story...when nek Pungut was young..she was very kind..her hubby going to work..she prepare his clothes...socks n shoes..n not forgotten she also put n wear socks to his legs.....oh!My god..she such a gud  wife...;)I'm..try to be like that..but what I can say that it continuous only 1 month..n than after a lot of work to do..I'm forgot enough...huhuhu...Hopefully,I believe..I can do like her...

One more things...when she arrive at her house..whatever time..she always serve us with meals..for her if we not eating she was really regret...can see with her face...same goes if we not told her if we want to come..ape nak buat mknjela..and the most important...her very urmph....Nicely,after my hubby said that her smbl ikan bilis is so urmph..she promise us to cook it..and bring to Fukuoka,Japan...ERM...I'M REALLY HIGHLY APPRCIATED!!!
My stepaunt house at IKBN

Tok Busu n Nek Pungut playing with Altaf.
This notice actually wrote on 1996...Unfortunately...still at the same place on 2010...huhuhu

That's all for my family side..and for the following week we went to my Hubby family..Let's read on next post...huhu


hani raihan said...

angah, pic ape yg last tuee.. kat mane? umah nenek pungut ke? hani tak penah perasan pun.. =)

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